About Us

The PGA of America and the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) have joined forces to form Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, which will provide education for golf course owners, operators and PGA members and serve as an industry monitor for compliance of third-party online tee time providers.

The Golf USA Tee Time Coalition will engage companies that publicly support Tee Time Guidelines unveiled June 2015 by the NGCOA and endorsed by the PGA of America, which provide a framework for owners and operators that deal with online agents providing tee times.

The Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, along with a Compliance Officer and an Advisory Council comprised of representatives from supporting tee time companies; will educate golf industry leaders about its mission strategy; and educate the public about the value of the golf industry and particularly, the online tee time sector of the golf industry.

Mission Statement:
The primary purpose of the Coalition is to support a  competitive and balanced marketplace in public golf that is both supportive of the golf course owner, operator, PGA professional and the golf consumer. This will be accomplished by promoting adoption of online tee time guidelines and best practices for technology companies, online agents, marketers, golf course operators, general consumers, and the media.