Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding the Coalition

What is the purpose of Coalition?
The primary purpose of the Coalition is to support a competitive and balanced marketplace in public golf that is both supportive of the golf course owner, operator, PGA professional and the golf consumer. This will be accomplished by promoting adoption of online tee time guidelines and best practices for technology companies, online agents, marketers, golf course operators, general consumers, and the media.

Who is funding the Coalition?
The Coalition is funded by its two founding partners, the PGA of America and the NGCOA. Both make equal, annual contributions to the Coalition. There are currently no other entities funding the Coalition.

Will the 2015 NGCOA Guidelines be revised?
No. It is important to understand that the NGCOA’s Guidelines for Online Tee Time Distribution were not developed by the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition. While The Coalition supports the NGCOA’s Guidelines, the Coalition is advocating and creating voluntary standards for those companies with access to tee sheet inventory and those that promote tee times online.

The Coalition will create distinct sets of voluntary standards for Online Tee Time Agents and providers of Golf Management Systems. While some of these vendors are both Online Tee Time Agents and providers of Golf Management Systems, each group will have its own set of standards.

The Coalition will also create a Best Practices document for owners, operators, and PGA professionals. This document will primarily focus on education; the goal is to help the course operator better understand his or her responsibilities when engaging in commercial relationships with Online Tee Time Agents and/or providers of Golf Management Systems.

When will the Standards be released?
The voluntary standards created by the Coalition will be released in December along with a report card and rubric detailing how companies were scored. The Coalition will make the standards-based report cards of each company available and accessible to those in the golf industry.

Can vendors contact the Coalition prior to the release of the December Report?
The Coalition has been engaging with companies and requesting their feedback on the NGCOA Guidelines. Additionally, we have sought input regarding the development of the Coalition’s voluntary standards. If you provide a golf management system or a tee time distribution network to golf courses and would like to address your concerns, please contact us at 800-933-4262, ext 273 or via email at [email protected] org.

Will the Coalition help golf course owners, operators, and PGA Professionals understand the terms and implications of their contracts?
Yes. It is important that you understand the terms and implications of any agreement that you sign. If you need assistance in reviewing and understanding your contract, call the Coalition directly at 800-933-4262, ext 273 or via email at [email protected] org.

I am a course operator having an issue with a software company or tee time marketing agent. What should I do? 
Contact the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition directly at 800-933-4262, ext 273. You can also visit www.teetimecoalition. org/concerns. Here, you will be able to provide a detailed explanation of the issue(s) you are having; you can also attach any supporting documents that set forth the issue(s) .