As I begin this role with the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, I am very excited and thankful to be back in the golf industry. I’ve worked in sports my whole life but golf is and always has been my passion. I’ve worked in the legal department with the LPGA, was a PGM intern at TPC Sawgrass, worked in the golf shop at TPC Louisiana, played golf in college and also conducted junior golf tournaments with the AJGA. To have the opportunity to help the golf industry control its tee time pricing, really brings things full circle for me.

I realize the issues involving online tee time distribution are not new; but I plan to bring a fresh approach to dealing with compliance of the guidelines.   In fact, I’ve been working in compliance and legislative affairs in college athletics and I’m certain my diverse background in golf and legal compliance will benefit me in this role.

I will implement a compliance system that protects the rights and interests of golf course owners and operators. You will not have to worry about what to do when your inventory is compromised. The Coalition will soon launch a website, which will be not only an educational resource for all NGCOA members, but a place for owners and operators to submit information that suggests a vendor has violated the Guidelines.

In athletic compliance, I employed a similar approach.  I reviewed the number of violations that occurred each year. Then, I categorized them by: Bylaw, Sport, Gender, and Frequency, etc.

This helped to guide the direction of subsequent education and ultimately lead to a lower number of violations in the following year.  I foresee violations of the Guidelines being categorized perhaps by: Vendor/Provider, Type of Violation, Frequency, Course Type, Region, State, etc.

There’s work to be done to protect the rights and interests of the golf course owner, operator, and PGA Professional and that is the Coalition’s aim. I’ve talked to single course owners who have to compete with free golf; frankly, a third party distributor is and has been offering tee-times at this course for $0.00.  Another owner reached out to me expressing frustration that his course, which does not use any third party distributor, is still being listed in the third party’s directory of courses. These are the types of practices I want to curtail.

I ask all owners, operators, PGA professionals, as well as those with a vested interest, to immediately let me know of any vendor-related issues you are having, so that I can quickly work to remedy the situation and deter this type of behavior.

This Coalition will not sit on its hands. I will take an ombudsman role, monitoring and tracking allegations of noncompliance.  My ultimate plan is to then release those findings to the PGA and NGCOA members and then let the industry decide which business relationships they intend to maintain.

I am here to help members of the NGCOA regain control of their pricing and tee-sheet inventory.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about the Guidelines or the Coalition.


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