When working with Online Tee Time Agents (OTTA) it is important to make sure that you’re asking the right questions when evaluating your contracts. In order to do so, you will need to identify several key contract terms, such as:

  •  Term and Termination
  • Total Payment/ Fees and Pricing
  • Online Marketing Terms/Marks and Intellectual Property
  •  Ownership of Customer Data
  • Indemnification
  •  Trade Time Schedule
  •  Inventory Exchange

Taxes The Golf USA Tee Time Coalition will review your current and proposed contracts, ensuring that the golf course’s concerns are prioritized throughout the contract. These terms have a huge impact on what the relationship with your OTTA will look like in the long-term. The Tee Time Coalition, acting as an ombudsman, will review contracts, provide assistance when trademark infringement occurs, and help golf courses negotiate and maintain floor prices on barter tee time inventory.

The services the Tee Time Coalition can offer golf courses are varied. Any issue that remotely touches online tee time distribution is within the purview of the Tee Time Coalition. On page 2, some general questions regarding online tee times are listed; the Tee Time Coalition can assist golf courses in understanding why these questions are important and what are the most desired responses golf courses should seek from online tee time agents and course management systems.


1. Will you purchase keywords in search engine marketing that include course’s name, or any other trade name, trademark or other intellectual property belonging to the course?

2. What is your policy on double bookings and how exactly will we “work together” when the shared customer books a reservation that does not exist on the course tee sheet?

3. Are there any technical requirements of this contract that may limit my ability to distribute the tee time inventory of my course to networks and platforms that are not affiliated with your company? Do third party vendors need a written agreement with you in order to create any interface with your software?

4. Am I able to control and manage the price of tee times? Will you allow me to approve the price of both barter tee times and non-barter tee times? Will you allow me to institute a floor price? How will your discount codes effect barter times and any price floors thereof?

5. Will I be able to use dynamic pricing within my tee sheet? If so, will you still honor any agreed upon pricing floors? Will you adjust your rates accordingly, so that the consumer is guaranteed to find the best rates on my golf course’s website?

6. Will you list all your affiliates and the distribution channels where my course’s tee time inventory will be available for purchase? Will I be able to limit some of the distribution channels’ access to my inventory? Will you sale barter tee times on my course website alongside rack rates? Do I have the option to not list my golf course in your course directory? If not, am I able to respond to reviews and update inaccurate information about my golf course?

7. What are the options I have regarding payment for services?
Do any of your compensation models offer the possibility for revenue sharing? If choosing barter, can I include a detailed schedule for barter times in this agreement? Are there fees for additional training and support?

8. Will you present me with a written contract that details everything we discuss?

9. Please explain your policy on sharing customer data.

Are you able to track where rounds are coming from? Will I get a name and email address at a minimum for each referral?

10. What are the terms of termination for this contract? Is it cancellable? Will it automatically renew? If so, will you send me a reminder 60 days prior to the date you require notice of my intention to renew?

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