Golf USA Tee Time Coalition Presentation & Panel at the 2018 PGA Show

Golf Industry Podcast with Jared Williams – Chronogolf

On this week’s episode, Matt speaks with Managing Director of Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, Jared Williams.

Williams unravels the complicated web of golf technology providers, and educates owners, directors and managers on what to look out for when purchasing club management software (tee sheet and golf POS). In this episode, Matt and Jared discuss:

  • The possibility of an open marketplace
  • The inner-workings of golf management software vendors
  • Benefits and challenges of wanting to purchase a tee sheet and POS system from separate vendors
  • Why staff at pro shops do not capitalize on gathering as much customer information as possible
  • Questions to ask your technology providers to ensure they are adhering to industry guidelines
  • How to determine if your technology vendor adheres to the NGCOA’s guidelines

Williams tackled a pressing subject in our industry, and gave a refreshing and impartial take on the current landscape of tee time distribution…more

Taking What’s Theirs – July 2017 Golf Business Magazine

Golf Course owners are working to reclaim tee times from third-party sellers

In 2001, the GolfNow tee-sheet system arrived online, just as golf’s decade-long bubble began leaking air. Rounds played in the United States ended their steady rise that year and started a long decline. In 2003, the country’s golfer population topped out at 30.6 million and has tracked downward since. The 2001 tally of new golfers came in lower than in the peak year of 2000—a pinnacle U.S. golf has never again reached.

Online tee-time platforms engaging in third-party selling have endured harsh criticism, even as they’ve grown their base of partner courses. The environment in which GolfNow, TeeOff, GolfBook (formerly Golf Pipeline) and others have operated has been consistently demoralizing—a post-Tiger exodus of all those fad-chasing golfers along with an oversupply of holes fueled by real estate-development courses. How relations between course owners and the digital tee-sheet companies may have differed had the parties begun collaborating amid an expanding market is a matter for speculation…more

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The Benefits of Owning a Federal Trademark Registration
The name of your golf course, your brand or trademark, is more important today than it has ever been. As products and services are quickly commoditized, and empowered consumers are flooded with information, customer experience has become the new method of…more

What is Keyword Advertising?
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Use of Golf Course Names as Keywords
Golf courses are increasingly experiencing issues related to third parties using their names or their trademarks as keywords to trigger competing advertisements for tee time reservations. The source of these problems begins with search engine providers, such as Google or Bing, auctioning the right to attach certain words to companies’ sponsored advertisements. Companies
commonly bid for…more

What is the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition?

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Golf Now’s Worry Free Policy
Golf USA Tee Time Coalition
As someone working on behalf of the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition to address the difficulties you may be experiencing with online tee time distribution, I certainly understand why the aforementioned statements regarding GolfNow’s Worry Free policy have caused some concern.

I recently met with GolfNow to get some clarity on a number of topics, this being one of them. With Worry Free, GolfNow does not pass credit cards through the system to the course; so that process remains the same….more

Tee-time brokerages roil golf industry
Indianapolis Business Journal
Are tee-time brokers like GolfNow knocking cash-strapped courses into the rough? Or could the Expedia-like providers be the chip shot courses need to get back on the green?

“People have pretty strong opinions on both sides of this issue,” said Mike David, executive director of the Indiana Section of the PGA. “The battle lines are so firmly drawn, it’s caused quite a bit of friction in this industry locally and nationally.”

In many ways, GolfNow is doing for courses and golfers what online sites Orbitz and Travelocity have done for hotels and travelers…more

Golfers, managers and business experts weigh new booking technology
C&G Newspapers (Detroit Metro)
In large part, the days of calling the golf course clubhouse, asking for a tee time and hoping there’s an opening have faded into the past.

For many golfers, the decision of where to go, how much to pay and what time they’re teeing off is now just a few clicks away.

GolfNow was founded in 2001 and has become the leader in discount golf. The service ( is affiliated with the Golf Channel and is a member of the NBC Sports Group…more

NGF Survey Reveals Surprises in 3rd-Party Tee Time Use and Perception
National Golf Foundation Newsletter
3rd-party tee time sellers have been a polarizing subject in the golf industry since their emergence almost a decade ago. Concerns over price integrity, customer ownership and divided loyalties have caused some consternation among course owners and operators. However, partnering with services such as and offers benefits of additional marketing power, enhanced awareness and direct revenue that are difficult to dismiss.

A recent NGF survey revealed certain attitudes and behaviors among Core Golfers (as represented by the proprietary NGF research panel) that might have been less obvious or previously de-emphasized. Golfers told us…more

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Tee Time Coalition Discussion (PGA & NGCOA)