What’s In a Name?

When we first started this Coalition, we set out to do three things, in general: educate, acts as an ombudsman on behalf of the golf course, and develop guidelines and standards that give an idealistic view of what the relationship between golf courses and vendors should look in a most golf course friendly fashion.

Part of developing guidelines, standards, and Bills of Rights includes monitoring whether or not vendors are making changes to their business practices and policies, in response to the Coalition’s efforts.

One of the biggest questions internally has been what the Coalition should or should not do if and when it is shown that a vendor repeatedly engages in behavior that shows a blatant disregard for our guidelines, Bill of Rights, and standards. Is a public reprimand necessary in all cases? Does it depend on the frequency of the bad act? Or is the frequency of occurrence balanced against the overall impact to the industry as a result of actions that are not in the best interest of golf courses?

As a Board, we’ve decided that going forward we will take the position to report on egregious behavior in the manner that we see fit. Sometimes this may require us to reference vendors by name. The Coalition has a duty to bring awareness to and educate the golf industry (and most importantly owners, operators, and PGA professionals) of recent develops in the tee time distribution and software space that might impact golf courses in a major way.

When things happen we must shine the light on both the issue and the bad actor. We need your help in bringing any issues you have with your vendors to our attention. You can reach out to us via email (see below) or at www.teetimecoalition.org/concerns . Going forward this section of the magazine will be used to recognize two things: issues and solutions. Each Coalition Concerns column will highlight an issue that a golf course is having with its vendor and a solution that a vendor has developed to assist golf courses. The two need not be related, but will equally bring much-needed awareness to issues and solutions in the tee time distribution space.

The Coalition will be most effective once it begins naming vendors on regular basis based on customer feedback, whether positive or negative. That is what we will we do in our second study, and this is a natural progression towards that.

We’re always interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions on issues involving the marketing and distribution of tee times. What do you see as the solution here? What do you see as the Tee Time Coalition’s role in this? I want to hear from you, contact me at [email protected]

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